May 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

May 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts


Thank you for all the likes and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1: Noel del Pilar

Find him on Instagram - @noelphoto

Canon 600EX-RT with a Rogue FlashBender XL Pro System (one light only).

Image 2: Robert Harrington

Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

Key Light: Large FlashBender
Fill Light: 25º Rogue Grid with a Rogue Steel Green Flash Gel shot into a Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector.

Image 3:  Jayesunn Krump

Find him on Instagram - @jayesunnkrump

Jayesunn is a Portland, OR based photographer and educator. When he’s not out shooting, you can find him at Advance Camera. Jayesunn is so good at manipulating shadow in his images to bring out the subject and the light. This image was shot with a Rogue Light Modifier.

Image 4:  Fabian Pourmand

Find him on Instagram - @fabianpourmandphotography

15 Light Set Up  ;)
14 Lights on the wall and a speedlight modified with a Rogue Flash Modifier.

Image 5: Del & JJ Weddings

Find them on Instagram - @delandjjweddings

Award winning twin photographers from Scotland.

“When shooting weddings we always carry two extra speedlite’s with the Rogue XL Flashbender Strip Grids attached- so we don’t miss special moments like these.  This image was captured using one speedlite and the Rogue Strip Grid positioned left of the camera.”

Image 6: Robert Harrington

Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

40’s Hollywood glamour created with 3 Speedlights:
Key Light: Small FlashBender rolled into a snoot
Hair Light: Large FlashBender rolled into a snoot
Back Light: Rogue Flash Grid with the 25º Insert

Image 7: Lindsay Adler

Find her on Instagram - @lindsayadler_photo

"Utilizing three speedlights gives you a great deal of flexibility for creating a wide range of lighting patterns. You can light the hair, light the face, light the background, use gels and many other combinations for your three lights."

To watch the video showing Lindsay create this image, click HERE.

Image 8: Tom Bol

Find him on Instagram - @tombolphoto

Light is a tool that photographers can use to create a completely different environment, style, character, or, in this situation, all three! Tom Bol used two flashes and Rogue modifiers to create and capture this unique character.

Set Up: The Rogue XL Pro with attached Strip Grid is mounted on a boom and the second flash positioned behind the model and modified with a Rogue Flash Gel.

For more details and to watch the video, click HERE.

Image 9:  Jeff Rojas

Find him on Instagram - @sajorffej

Mirrorless Beauty shot with a Canon M6 and Tamron EF 85mm F/1.8, 1/200, f/2.5, ISO 100

Main Light: Profoto USA B1 500 with OCF Octabox
Kicker: Profoto B2 unmodified toward the camera.
Fill: ExpoImaging Super Soft Silver Reflector


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