Workshops & Events

We are pleased to sponsor and support a number of workshops and events across the US.  Check back frequently for new events listings.  If you're interested in workshops in your area or would like to see a particular workshop topic presented, shoot us an email!

Upcoming Workshops & Events

New Jersey Camera Show with Unique Photo

December 9th-11th, 2016

Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ

Join award-winning photographer Rick Friedman and other great photographers for Unique Photo's annual New Jersey Camera Show. This show is free to attend to meet other photographers, talk with reps, and get the best knowledge on photo gear in New Jersey!

Revealed Wedding Photography Workshop

March 19th through March 22nd, 2017

Village Hotel on Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC

Hosted by Jill Schwarzkopf of Realities Photography featuring Jared Platt

Workshops are not just about a great photographer. It is about who YOU are as a photographer.

Yes, we will have award-winning, seasoned professionals that will share their craft with you, teach you how to run a successful business, and create some gorgeous photo shoots for you.

But honestly, everyone has that. What we are offering you is the same high-end, personalized experience that Jill Schwarzkopf brings to all of her clients. This will be a three-day intensive workshop where you will get lots of practice both shooting and reviewing what was shot to help everyone hone their skills. We will spend plenty of time getting to know each other, creating an ongoing network of colleagues that will last beyond the workshop, and get true one-on-one time with Jill. She will spend time with each participant doing an in-depth review of your portfolio, website, and marketing materials. For this reason, this workshop is limited to 15 participants so that we can ensure a high level of personalization.

Online Education 


Digital Classroom with Frank Doorhof

November 9th, 2016, 6AM PDT/9AM EDT

World Wide Livestream Online

    Tune in for Frank Doorhof's Digital Classroom live stream on YouTube to watch him create amazing shots in studio! Frank will be walking through his process and will be covering the following topics:

    • preparation of a photoshoot
    • styling
    • setting up the lights
    • metering the light
    • the photoshoot
    • selection process
    • retouch

    During this live stream you can ask all the questions you want and Frank will answer them live in the broadcast if possible.


    Recent Workshops & Events

    Sandy Puc 2016 US Tour: Families On-Location

    Stay tuned for more great educational opportunities from Sandy Puc.

    Cuba Photo Tour with Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis

    Special thanks to both Bobbi Lane and Lee Varis for spending their time helping and educating photographers in beautiful Cuba!


    The Digital Classroom

    Click HERE to view Episodes 1-6

    Rogue Photographic is pleased to sponsor Frank Doorhof's 'The Digital Classroom LIVE'. In just 2 hours, Frank will walk you through a complete photo shoot with a model from from start to finish. 



    PhotoPlus Expo 2016

    Thank you for stopping by our booth at PhotoPlus 2015.  And a very special thank to guest photographers Erik Valind, Jeff Rojas, Robert Harrington, Bobbi Lane, and Rick Friedman for their live demonstrations at the trade show showcasing their tips and tricks for location lighting using speedlights.


    Gregg Cobarr's "Better Photos Now!" at Samy's Photo School

    With over 30 years of shooting experience, photographer Gregg Cobarr regularly holds beginner, intermediate, and travel photography workshops at Samy's Photo School in California. With continued enthusiasm to teach other photographers, Gregg is planning more workshops across the United States, keep checking back for updates!