Sideways Clamshell Lighting with Lindsay Adler and FlashBender 2

Utilizing three speedlights gives you a great deal of flexibility for creating a wide range of lighting patterns. You can light the hair, light the face, light the background, use gels and many other combinations for your three lights. 

Here I’ve used three speedlights to get creative with my catchlights. I selected 2 speedlights to light the face, placed equidistant from one another and the same distance from my subject.

On these speedlights I placed 2 Flashbender2 XL Pros with the gridded strip attachment. This creates flat light on the face and also unusual catchlights in the eyes. You can see a strip of catchlight on either side of the pupil. The gridded strip also allows the side of the face to fall to shadow, while overall giving a flat and even effect due to the central placement of the speedlights. 

Finally, I wanted to help separate my subject from the background and to give her a hair light. I placed a Rogue Grid at a back 30-45 degree angle, pointed back toward the front of her hair. This back highlight helps give the hair some shine and definition. 

Final Image:


Camera Settings: 70-200mm Lens @ 180MM, ISO 125, 1/160, f/7.1

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