Carry Sunshine in Your Pocket

Carry Sunshine in Your Pocket

There are a variety of lighting techniques that you can use to create the warmth of the sun when shooting with flash.  With Rogue Flash Gels you can create a warm summer sun anytime, anywhere.

When photographer Erik Valind finds himself shooting outdoors in the streets of New York City with the sun stuck behind skyscrapers, he takes his camera out of AWB and sets it to shade.  Then he pulls out his flash and attaches a Rogue CTO Flash Gel to add a punch of warmth.  He positions the flash behind his subject to create lens flare mimicking the warm rays of the sun.  You can experiment with the position of the flash to create more or less lens flare depending on your preference.  You can watch a video from Erik demonstrating this technique by clicking HERE.

Photographer Bry Cox took a slightly different approach.  He adds a Rogue CTB Flash Gel to the flash he's using as his main portrait light.  Then he sets a custom white balance using the ExpoDisc.  The custom white balance set to the blue light will cause the background light to go in the opposite direction - warm - but the models skin color will be accurate.  Read the full blog post and watch a video from Bry Cox explaining his technique by clicking HERE.

Jenna Barrett of Anthem in Art Photography created this lovely Havana inspired shoot using her Nissin MG80 Pro Flash with a Rogue CTO Flash Gel attached to create that warm summer sun feel.

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