Make Your Model Pop with Frank Doorhof

Make Your Model Pop with Frank Doorhof

In the old days they knew and used this lighting technique: pin point your light on the model and it rocks. This technique was used in both movies and photos but somehow over time it seems that photographers moved towards the bigger light sources. In my opinion this shift in lighting techniques is great for some scenes, but it’s also a light setup that totally lights everything and takes away some of the “mood” I love to see in shots.

That’s why I love the Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid, they give me that really pin pointing quality of light so I can make my model “jump” out of the scene.

 In this setup we just used a wall where I placed my model in front off, thanks to the use of the grid I create a beautiful vignette of light on the background with my model in the middle.

The great thing about the grid set is that you can use it in 3 configurations, use the 2 different grids in different combinations and you end up with 3 different looks. Which also helps of course when you need to narrow your beam of light but are stuck with distance, this is also why I always advise people to not buy one grid size but at least 3 so you are flexible.

Final Image:

Camera Settings: 24-70mm Lens @ 70MM, ISO 200, 1/125, f/9

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