Hollywood Glamour Portrait with Lindsay Adler

When you know how to utilize direction of light and distance of light, you can take similar modifiers and use them for drastically different results. In this image I’ve used two Flashbenders to create dramatic portrait light with beautiful highlights on the hair.

First I placed my subject at 3/4 view to camera and placed the Rogue Flashbender 2 XL Pro at a back 45 degree angle to create Rembrandt short light on the face. Rembrandt light is when you create a small triangle of light beneath the eye caused by the shadow of the nose intersecting with the shadow from the cheek. Short light is when the shadows on the face fall toward the camera and is usually used for more dramatic lighting patterns. 


The second speed light I selected a Flashbender2 XL Pro with diffusion panel to give me the softest light possible. Then, I brought this light as close to the hair as possible without being in my frame. The larger the light source is compared to the subject, the softer the light. Bringing this light very close to the subject gives me a broad, soft light source to give that beautiful sheen to the hair. 


Lastly, I feathered the hair light by pointing it slightly away from the hair so that I would not fill in the shadow on the face. I wanted the drama created by the first light, and if the hair light also lit the face, it would work against the mood I had created. 

Final Image:


Camera Settings: 24-105mm Lens @ 80MM, ISO 125, 1/125, f/5

Lindsay Adler
Lindsay Adler


Lindsay Adler is a professional portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Her editorial work has appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications internationally. A clean, bold and graphic style has become the hallmark of her work, making her in-demand for clients across the world. Lindsay is also a world renowned educator, author and sought after speaker.

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August 03, 2016

Just the sort of advice I’m looking for, having acquired 2 speedlights and trying to get into portrait taking etc. Thanks

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