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Rogue Flash Gels for Speedlights

Rogue Flash Gels Lighting Filters for Speedlights

What is a Lighting filter or ‘Gel’?

Professional photographic lighting filters are thin, specially tinted sheets of polyester film designed to allow a specific quantity and color of light to pass through them. Rogue Flash Gels use professional lighting filter material from LEE filters in the UK which we process into kits specially designed for use with small flashes.

Lighting filters are typically used with photographic flashes either to create color effects, or to provide color correction.

Color Effects Filters

Colored lighting filters, or gels, are often used on accent or background lights to spice up an image with color.  For example, attach a Smokey Pink gel to your rim light, Oklahoma Yellow to your fill light, or Deep Purple to your gridded background light to add mood or drama to your image. 

Another way to creatively add color to your images is to create color gradients by attaching 2 or more colored gels to your flash.  For example, light your background with a beautiful red to purple to blue color gradient by attaching red and blue gels to your flash side-by-side.

Color Correction Filters

Color correction gels are also available to help improve your color balance when shooting with flash.  Your images will look more natural, and you will save valuable time color correcting your image files simply by using the appropriate color correction gel whenever you shoot with flash. 

For example, you may often see bluish tinted images when shooting indoors with flash.  To fix this problem simply attach a CTO Gel to your flash and then either white balance your camera, or set your camera white balance to tungsten.  We include a reference card in Rogue Flash Gel kits to help you identify which filter to use to correct for different colors of ambient light.

Rogue Flash Gels are Labeled with Color, Color Correction, and f/stop Loss Values 

We print directly onto Rogue Flash Gels to ensure you always know what gel you’re using and to easily locate the one you need.  Rogue Gels are individually labeled with the LEE Filter name of each gel color, as well as the gel’s measured f/stop loss value, and when appropriate, the Kelvin color temperature correction and corresponding camera white balance icon.

All lighting filters absorb light, and the f/stop loss tells you exactly how much light is absorbed by a particular filter.  The f/stop loss values printed on our Rogue Gels were measured with a light meter in a controlled test.  These values compare the metered exposure of the bare flash with the metered exposure of the flash with the Rogue Gels attached.

Rogue Gels are processed with paper between each gel to help protect them during the manufacturing and printing process. These paper slip sheets can be removed and discarded after purchase.

Attaching Rogue Flash Gels 

You do not need to buy expensive or bulky gel holders, or use sticky hook-and-loop to attach Rogue Flash Gels to your flash.  Included with each Rogue Flash Gel kit is a tabbed silicone band which is used to quickly attach Rogue Flash Gels to any standard size speed light or shoe mount flash. Simply place the Rogue Gel Band around your flash head, then slip the ends of the Rogue Flash Gel under the band. 

Two sizes of Rogue Gel Bands are available for use with small mirrorless flashes or standard size flashes. 

Blue Rogue Gel Band for standard size flashes.  The Combo Filter Kit and the Color Correction Filter Kit v3 include the blue Rogue Gel Band for use with all standard size flashes such as the Canon 430EX, Canon 580EX, Godox V860, Nikon SB 500, Nikon SB910, etc.

Gold Rogue Gel Band for small mirrorless camera flashes.  The Color Correction Kit v3 also includes the gold Rogue Gel Band for use with small mirrorless camera flashes such as the Godox TT350, Nissin i400, Nissin i40, etc.  Beginning in Summer 2020 the Combo Filter Kit will also include the gold Rogue Gel Band.

What 20 Filters are Included in the Rogue Flash Gels Combo Filter Kit?

Each Rogue Flash Gel Combo Filter Kit includes the following LEE Filter gel colors (1 gel of each color):  Chocolate, Smokey Pink, Follies Pink, Bright Red, Rust, Dark Salmon, Oklahoma Yellow, Medium Yellow, Deep Purple, Special KH Lavender, Just Blue, Medium Blue Green, Steel Green, Moss Green.  The Combo Filter Kit also includes 1 each of the following LEE Filter color correction gels:  1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, 1/2 CTB, Plus Green, Heavy Frost (2 f/stop diffusion).

What 20 Filters are Included in the Rogue Flash Gels Color Correction Filter Kit?

Each Rogue Flash Color Correction Filter Kit v3 includes the following LEE Filter gel colors (2 gels of each color):  1/8 CTO, 1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, 1/4 CTB, 1/2 CTB, 1/4 Plus Green, 1/2 Plus Green, .3 Neutral Density, White Diffusion (2 f/stop).

Color Balance Your Flash to Ambient Light with Color Correction Gels

Use color correction gels to improve the color balance in your images whenever shooting indoors or outdoors with flash. Attach the appropriate color correction gel(s) to your flash to adjust its color temperature to match the color temperature of the ambient light source in your scene.

Rogue Flash Gels attach quickly and securely to your flash with the included Rogue Gel Bands, and they are easy to use with the relevant color correction information (Kelvin Temperature adjustment and corresponding camera white balance icon) printed directly on each gel.

How to Color Balance Your Flash with Rogue Flash Gels

Identify the ambient light source (the dominant color of light illuminating your subject), select the appropriate color correction gel(s), then attach the gel(s) to your flash. It is important to then set a custom white balance on your camera, or set the camera to the same white balance setting as printed on the attached color correction gel.

Attach CTO (“CTO” stands for Color Temperature Orange) gels to your flash to color balance your flash to warmer light sources:

Full CTO for 3,000K ambient light (halogen, incandescent, tungsten)
1/2 CTO for 3,500K ambient light (sunrise, sunset)
1/4 CTO for 4,200K ambient light (cool white LED)
1/8 CTO for 5000K ambient light (warm daylight)

Attach CTB (“CTB” stands for Color Temperature Blue) gels to your flash to color balance your flash to cooler light sources:

1/2 CTB for 10000K ambient light (shade)
1/4 CTB for 7100K ambient light (cloudy)

Attach Plus Green gels to your flash in combination with CTO gels to color balance your flash to fluorescent light sources:

1/2 Plus Green + 1/2 CTO for 3,500K fluorescent tubes
1/2 Plus Green + 1/4 CTO for 4,200K fluorescent tubes
1/2 Plus Green + 1/8 CTO for 5,000K fluorescent tubes
1/2 Plus Green (do not add CTO) for 5700K fluorescent tubes

When color balancing flash to fluorescent tubes, always set a custom white balance (you can use an ExpoDisc to set a custom white balance). The wide range of fluorescent tube color temperatures often found installed in a single location requires an accurate custom white balance to ensure good color balance.

Fluorescent tubes also vary in their spectral power distribution, a term used for the relative energy a tube emits across the visible spectrum. Use the 1/2 Plus Green gel when color balancing your flash to fluorescent tubes with low CRI values, and use the 1/4 Plus Green gel when color balancing to fluorescent tubes with high CRI values.  If you’re shooting on location and don’t know the tubes’ CRI values, you can check your results and adjust to a different Plus Green gel as necessary.

Rogue Flash Gels Attach to These Flashes and More: 

Canon:  430EX, 470EX, 580EX, 600EX
Godox:  TT350, TT685, V860, AD200, V1
Nikon:  SB500, SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB5000
Nissin:  i40, i400, i600, i60A, Di700A, MG80, MG10
Olympus:  FL-600R, FL-700WR, FL-900R
Profoto:  A1, A1X
Sony:  HVL-F32M, HVL-F45RM, HVL-F60RM

With a coverage area of 3" x 2.5" (76mm x 63mm) Rogue Flash Gels are large enough to cover even the largest flash heads, and they can be creased or trimmed for smaller flash heads as desired. Their innovative tabbed design allows them to be quickly attached to a wide range of speedlights using the included blue Rogue Gel Band (for standard flashes) or gold Rogue Gel Band (for smaller mirrorless sized-flashes).

Caution:  Your Flash Gets Hot

When attached to your flash, Rogue Flash Gels are designed to arc over the face of the flash, leaving a gap between the hot flash lens and the lighting filter.  Do not pull the Rogue Flash Gel tight against the flash, but instead leave space between the gel and your flash’s lens.

Powerful flashes (GN 50+) fired at 1/1 full power can produce enough light energy to cause warping in the darkest gel colors (3+ f/stop loss values) when those gels are placed too close to the flash’s lens. Gels warped by heat appear wavy in the affected area, but they are otherwise fully functional.  To prevent gel warping, leave a gap between the gel and lens when attaching the gel.

Multiple full power flashes fired over a short period of time will cause your flash’s lens to get very hot.  It is possible for the darkest gel colors to melt and stick to your lens if they come into contact with the lens during high power, high volume shooting. Leave a gap between your flash’s lens and the attached gel to prevent the gel from sticking to the lens.

Flashes fired at less than 1/1 full power will not cause gel warping, and lighter gel colors (less than 3 f/stop loss) are not susceptible to warping.

About Rogue Flash Gels Filter Material

Rogue Gels are made from the world’s highest quality photographic lighting material from LEE Filters UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting filter products.  LEE Filters utilizes dyed polyester film with an extremely consistent manufacturing and quality control process to achieve color and light transmission standards trusted by professionals.

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