Who Needs a Backdrop?

Who Needs a Backdrop?

This image was shot by the talented Frank Doorhof at The Photography Show in Birmingham, England in April 2018.

"Unfortunately during one of my sets, my backdrop was not what I needed for the look I wanted.  But thanks to the FlashBenders you don’t really need a backdrop.  By placing the model really close to the white backdrop (from the booth) and by aiming the FlashBender slightly away from the backdrop, I was able to light the model in a cool way.  By bending the corners of the FlashBender I could fine tune the results till what you see here, just enough on the background to make it stand out, but not enough to show you it was actually not a backdrop at all.

I just LOVE the way you can really fine tune your light, I don’t know of any modifier that let you do this without using flags, and that…. Well takes up too much space in situations like this."

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