July 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

July 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts


Thank you for all the likes and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1: Erik Valind

Find him on Instagram - @erikvphoto

"Old Hollywood produced a type of lighting that is still popular today. This film noir, high contrast look was originally created with hot lights, barn doors, and fresnel lenses. Today, however, we can recreate this look without breaking out large lights and heavy modifiers.”

To watch the video showing Erik create this image, click HERE.

Image 2:  Paul Pearce

Find him on Instagram - @pearce_photographic

To create this image Paul placed the model against a wall and used a single speedlight high left and modified with the Rogue XL Pro FlashBender. The speedlight was placed in close proximity to the wall and pointed downwards to the model.

Paul manipulated the FlashBender by bending it and making shapes until he was able to create a narrow strip of light that fell perfectly across the model.

Image 3:  Robert Harrington

Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

Image shot with Rogue Light Modifiers in our booth at the WPPI 2016 Expo.

Image 4:  Frank Doorhof

Find him on Instagram - @FrankDoorhof

Image shot by Frank Doorhof on location during a trade show using only speedlights and Rogue Light Modifiers.

Image 5: Vintage Photography

Find him on Instagram - @VintagePhotographyAB

"We've been a fan of the Rogue FlashBender 2 - Portable Lighting Kit and its our go to light set up for all our photography. This easy set up is a Rogue Grid on the main light and 2 other flashes positioned high in back (in front of a black curtain backdrop) and modified with a Rogue Large FlashBender and a Rogue Small FlashBender - making full use of the Kit. It doesn't get any easier! It will remain our go-to for as long as we shoot film noir /old Hollywood style photography."

Image 6: Jayesunn Krump

Find him on Instagram - @JayesunnKrump

Manipulating shadow is just as important as manipulating light. Jayesunn has an impressive handle on pulling his subject out of the darkness to really make his images pop.

Image 7: Lee Mayren

Find him on Instagram - @leemayren

"For my macro shots in the field I use the Rogue Small FlashBender for it's portability. I tend to just pick up my camera and go out. No complex setup or carrying lots of heavy kit. Also the majority of my photos (including this on) are taken handheld.”

Image 8:  Eric Mendez

Find him on Instagram - @mendezphoto_

Eric knows that when you’re shooting on location, it’s best to pack light. Throw a couple of speedlights in your bag and some Rogue Light Modifiers and you’ll have a lightweight, portable set up that you can use to create professional lighting looks. This image was shot with two speedlights modified with Rogue XL Pro’s.

Image 9:  Robert Harrington

Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

Create an image with summertime glow using three speedlights in your studio.

This simple set up from Robert Harrington uses two flashes behind the subject as hair lights that also create a sort of headlight effect, along with a third flash at camera left modified with a Rogue FlashBender 2 Large Soft Box Kit as the main light.


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