Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2020

Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2020

Thank you for all the likes and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Gorgeous placement of light and color using Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash products!

Created using Rogue Flash Gels, the new Nissin MG80 Pro Flash and the Nissin Di700A. "Another look from my session with @janie_stewart using gels! Of course this look was inspired by Bowie. I used the Nissin MG80 Pro for my main light and placed a gel between the model and the light to just catch the edge. I used 2 Nissin di700’s with Rogue gels in red behind and to the side. It was super fun to create this look and I love using my gels in new ways to create new effects!”

Image 2:  Gustavo Alfaro

Find him on Instagram - @gustavoalfarophotography

Gustavo Alfaro is an advertising and commercial photographer who specializes in creating content for fitness and athletic brands.

In this shoot with Oakley sunglasses and athletic apparel, Gustavo used his Rogue Flash Gels to add color, drama, and pop to this set of images.

4 light set up.

2 flashes on either side of the camera and the Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector. Two of the lights were gelled using our Rogue Flash Gels.

“You seriously need these gels!” - Gustavo Alfaro

Image 3: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Natural light using only the new Rogue 43” Super Soft Silver Reflector.

Image 4: Austin Drawhorn

Find him on Instagram - @austindrawhorn

Two light set up: 1x Speedlight in a large gridded soft box above as key and 1x speedlight used as fill w/ a Rogue Flash Gel in a Rogue XL Pro Soft Box just left of center.

Image 5: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Simple two light set up shot with Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash Modifiers. One Nissin Flash was modified using the Rogue XL Pro with a Just Blue Rogue Flash Gel and the Second Nissin Flash was modified with the Rogue Grid and the Red Grid Gel for precise light placement.

Image 6:  Frank Doorhof


Find him on Instagram - @frankdoorhof

Shot on location in a trade show booth using only small flash and Rogue Flash Modifiers.

Image 7: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Another shot from Jenna demonstrating the fun lighting effect you can create with Rogue Flash Gels!

"Color Pop with model @pinup_christina using my fave Rogue Gels and Flashbenders in a 3 light set up to create this dynamic image. Seriously y’all, Rogue makes the best modifiers for speedlights, they are freaking amazing and so easy to use!"

Image 8:  Jayesunn Krump

Find him on Instagram - @jayesunnkrump.

Shot with small flash with Rogue Light Modifiers.



Image 9: Photoxmap Photography

Find him on Instagram - @photoxmap

Striking portrait of model @alexishendrix__ shot with the Rogue FlashBender Large Soft Box Kit. Rogue Flash modifiers are easy to use, on-location tools for speedlights.

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