Featured Photographer - Philippe Martz

Featured Photographer - Philippe Martz

Philippe Martz  is a professional portrait photographer working in France. 

Translated from Philippe's website:

"I take pleasure in capturing these expressions, these looks, these gestures specific to each individual, the little things that make someone a unique person.  It is natural that I therefore oriented my work mainly towards portrait photography."

To capture these personalized portraits, Philippe uses tools that allow him to easily recreate a studio set up in the environment his subject is most comfortable in.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorite images Philippe created using our Rogue Flash modifiers.

These images were shot using a speedlight modified with a Rogue XL Pro to the camera left and slightly behind the subject.

These portraits were shot with two speedlights modified with a Rogue XL Pro and Rogue Large Soft Box Kit.

This portrait was captured with natural light and a Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector.


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