April 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

April 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

Thank you for all the likes this month and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1: Erik Valind

Find him on Instagram - @erikvphoto

Create a 3-point lighting set up with a twist: color in the shadows! Here's a classic set up with a main light, fill light, and hair light, but the unique look of this image comes in when gels are added to some of the lights.  You can watch a video on how this image was created HERE.

Image 2: George Suresh

Find him on Instagram - @george.suresh.1

This dice image uses 3 strobes. The rear strobe is fitted with a Rogue Grid [white hexs] and blue Rogue Gel. The strobe on the front right has a Rogue Grid attached to it. All strobes are set off when the dice hits the water and triggers a microphone sensor which is attached to an intervalometer. The camera is set to a slow shutter speed of 2 seconds and triggered by remote control. The strobes freeze the action - not the shutter speed.

Image 3:  Piotr Piatek

Find him on Instagram - @piotrpiatekcom

This stunning image was captured by Polish photographer Piotr Piątek using a Rogue FlashBender.

Model: Patrycja Biedrzycka (@patrycjabiedrzycka_)
Make-up: Ewelina Scibor (@e_scibormakeup)
Hair Stylist: Karina Witkowska (@karinawitkowska_hairdresser)

Image 4:  Jeff Rojas

Find him on Instagram - @sajorffej

Lighting is Natural Northwest Window Light with a Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector for fill.

Image 5: George Suresh

Find him on Instagram - @george.suresh.1

Simple set up:

Step 1: Set flash to 1/128th power
Step 2: Attach XL FlashBender
Step 3: Attach Strip to XL FlashBender

Image 6: Jay Varner

Find him on Instagram - @jvpbw

The arrangement was a simple one speedlight setup using your Rogue FlashBender Softbox Kit. The photo was taken in Terminal 2 at Dubai airport against a white wall when our flight was delayed. Took 10/15 mins to do which is why I love the versatility of your gear.

Image 7: Lindsay Adler

Find her on Instagram - @lindsayadler_photo

Boudoir doesn't always require a large studio, several lights, or different modifiers. Sometimes you can keep it simple and get things done with a reflector, a window in a home or hotel room, and some easy posing tips!  You can watch a video on how this image was created HERE.

Image 8: JJA Photography

Find him on Instagram - @jjaphotography1

This bucolic shot was taken using a Rogue FlashBender.

Image 9:  Tim Engle

Find him on Instagram - @timengle

    Two Rogue XL Pro FlashBenders with Strip Grids attached were used to help create the dreamy, soft feel to these photos.


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