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Quickly attach Rogue Magnetic Modifiers to your speedlight flashes :

Essential Light Modifier Kit for Round Flashes and Rectangular Speedlight Flashes

Control the softness, direction, and color of your lighting when photographing portraits with on-camera or off-camera flashes.

Bundle Kit Includes:  1x Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome (soft silicone), 2x Rogue Flash Gel Lenses (one mounts inside Flash Dome), 1x Rogue Flash Grid 45˚, 1x Rogue Flash Adapter Standard v2, 1x 3-Gel Starter Set, 1x Storage Pouch.

Compact and Lightweight: There’s no need to weigh yourself down with unnecessarily bulky and heavy light modifiers. Our Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers are incredibly compact and lightweight: Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome weighs just 2oz (60g), Rogue Flash Grid 45 weighs 1oz, Rogue Flash Gel Lens weighs 1oz, and one full set of 20 Rogue Round Flash Gels weighs 1oz (including the storage pouch).

Stacking Magnetic Light Modifiers Attach Directly to Round Flashes:  You don't need an extra mount to use our modular Rogue Round Flash Light Modifier system because they include easy-to-use components that snap magnetically to each other and to a compatible round flash.

Our Magnets Won't Fall Out:  Unlike other magnetic light modifiers, our unique design safely captures the rare earth neodymium magnets inside the outer ring of the magnetically attaching component to prevent their escape.  The Rogue Flash Gel Lens and Rogue Flash Grid 45 are made from extremely durable high impact polycarbonate materials that will not chip or break.

Included in the Kit:

Smaller v2 Adapter Badge

Rogue Flash Adapter Standard v2: Kit includes 1 piece.  The Rogue Flash Adapter v2's stretchy silicone mount quickly attaches to a rectangular speedlight flash and incorporates a metal ring mount for attaching magnetic round flash modifier components. Rogue Flash Adapter Standard v2 improves on the first version by being even smaller and lighter and by including vent cutouts for larger flashes like the Godox AD200. The v2 Adapter can be removed between uses or is compact enough to be left on your flash in your bag.

Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome:  Kit includes 1 piece.  Just snap the Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome to your camera flash to soften the light whenever you're photographing portraits with flash.  The soft white dome helps to diffuse the harsh light from your flash, and the semi-spherical shape of the dome makes it easier on you when bouncing flash.  The white silicone dome conveniently collapses for easy storage, and it can be quickly detached (if desired) from the Rogue Flash Gel Lens in its base.

Rogue Flash Grid 45:  Kit includes 1 piece. You can easily control the direction of light from your flash with a honeycomb grid.  Just snap 1 Rogue Flash Grid 45 to your on-camera or off-camera flash to project a circle of light with a 45-degree "grid spot", or stack multiple grids to create even smaller light circles.  For example, stacking two Rogue Flash Grid 45 modifiers makes a smaller 25-degree grid spot, and stacking three grids makes an even smaller 16-degree spot of light.  Additional grids sold separately.

Rogue Flash Gel Lens:  Kit includes 2 pieces (one mounted inside the Diffuser Dome).  Combine the Rogue Flash Gel Lens to the Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome or the Rogue Flash Grid 45 to use one of the included Rogue Round Flash Gels (3-Gel Starter Set included).  Select the 1/2 CTO Gel to color balance your flash to ambient tungsten light, or add a splash of color to your image with the Blue Steel or Cotton Candy Gel.

3-Gel Starter Kit:  Kit includes 1 each of the following sample gel colors:  Cotton Candy, Blue Steel, and 1/2 CTO (color correction).


Round Flash Compatibility: Our Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers attach directly to round flashes with a magnetic mount. They are compatible with Godox (V1, R100, and HR200 head for AD200), Geekoto (GT 250, GTR), and Westcott FJ80 flashes. Use with Profoto A series flashes (A1, A1X, A10, A2) requires the Rogue PF Adapter (sold separately).

Rectangular Flash Compatibility:  Our Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers can also be used with rectangular speedlight flashes when combined with the Rogue Flash Adapter (Standard v2 or Small).

The included Rogue Flash Adapter Standard v2 fits almost all professional size rectangular speedlight flashes.  The silicone mount will stretch to fit flash heads measuring from 40x60mm to 50x75mm (approximately).  It does not fit the Canon EL1, which is too large.

Flash Compatibility for Rogue Flash Adapter Standard v2 (and similar size flashes):

  • Canon 550EX, 580EX, 600EX, etc. (Does not fit EL-1)
  • Godox AD200, TT600, TT685, V860, etc.
  • Metz 52 AF1
  • Nikon SB700, SB900, SB910, SB5000, etc.
  • Nissin Di700A, MG10
  • Sony F45, F46, F60
  • Yongnuo YN200, YN560, YN600, YN685, etc.
  • and other similarly sized flashes

For small flashes, get the Rogue Flash Adapter SMALL (sold separately). The Rogue Flash Adapter Small fits compact speedlight flashes including: Godox TT350, Canon 430EX, Nikon (SB600, SB800), Nissin (i40, i60A, MG80 Pro), Sony F32, and other similarly sized small flashes.

How to Attach the Rogue Flash Adapter Standard to Your Flash:

Customer Reviews

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V2 adapter, grids, diffusers, snoot - wonderful

This is an update to my review on Amazon, now using the updated flash adapter, V2, lighter mainly due to a shorter silicone skirt, 3 GRID 45s and diffuser gels (purchased directly on, note: third party sponsored “store fronts” charge hefty fees). The Rogue products are extremely well engineered and manufactured – check out the origami style sturdy, yet very light weight packaging – amazing. Customer service is exceptional and very knowledgeable about their products. The magnets are strong; it required over 8lbs of force to pull off the SNOOT (and the GRIDS remained attached to the flash adapter), that is 10 times the weight of all the Rogue components I have mentioned, including the Rogue padded stuff bag!
Light modifiers can be used to subtly (or strongly by stacking) color and shape of the light, my use is for a speedlight flash, but as a consequence, reduce the light intensity. To round out the rectangular beam of a speedlight flash, grids and/or diffuser gels or the diffuser dome can be used. The attached photos show effects on close up photos of a tulip (the dog didn’t like the flash and my wife refused). Stacking GRID 45s progressively rounds the beam, diffuses the edge and decreases the light which is further affected by the addition of a diffuser gel. The diffuser dome creates quite smooth lighting. Other than easily attaching the small V3 flashbender to my speedlight and forming it into various shapes, I haven’t used it enough to comment more.
The Rogue system is light weight, relatively inexpensive, and allows a wide range of beam modification – size, sharpness, color, and uniformity. Customer service is superb!