by Bry Cox

"During this shoot, I found the Rogue line of FlashBenders to be very adaptable and well thought out. The pieces worked well with each other and they were quick to attach and detach. The way that they bend and hold their shape made them very customizable, and I tried to show how many ways they could be used, particularly in various lighting conditions, but really there are more than I could demonstrate.

...for these four outdoor lighting conditions that I demonstrated (high sun, low sun, open shade, and deep shade), I found that I really liked the large and small bendable reflectors along with their diffusion panels. I could then adapt and use them in a number of ways, mixing which was my main and fill, using one or two lights, mixing which were diffused or not diffused, and therefore getting very custom results. These products are compact, easy to pack, and should be a great tool for the camera bag."

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