LS-65C Carbon Fiber Light Stand (106in max height)

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  • Carbon fiber stand weighs just 29 oz (1.8 lbs)
  • Compact design collapses to 24” length
  • Adjustable height from 24”- 106”
  • Maximum load 6.6 lbs when fully extended

Compact Lightweight Design

The Nissin LS-65C lightweight carbon fiber light stand weighs only 29 oz (1.8 lbs), and it collapses to just 24” long making it ideal for photographers looking to travel with smaller and lighter gear.

Adjustable Height

With 5 adjustable carbon fiber segments in the center column, the Nissin LS-65C is adjustable from 24”-106”. When not in use the Nissin LS-65C collapses to only 24” long.

Attaching Speedlights, Strobes, and LED Lights

The Nissin LS-65C includes a 5/8” stud with a 1/4” and 3/8" screw thread tip. This versatile design makes it easy to quickly and securely attach umbrella brackets, speedlights, soft boxes, LED lighting, and most standard lighting accessories used for photography and videography.

Durable, Stable, and Strong

The Nissin LS-65C features 5 adjustable carbon fiber center column segments and rigid carbon fiber legs that provide strength and stability. To further improve stability when shooting outdoors or in high traffic areas, a sandbag or other weighted item should be attached to the legs to provide ballast (not included).

Minimum - Maximum Footprint

When placed against a wall, the min/max distance from the wall is 26”/32”. The length of each leg is 21”.

Nissin Super Light Stand Comparison: LS-55C vs LS-65C

Nissin LS-55C
Nissin LS-65C
Adjustable Sections 5 5
Material Carbon-fiber Carbon-fiber
Center Column Lock Twist Twist
Legs Reverse folding (3 legs) Reverse folding (3 legs)
Top Attachment UNC 3/8" screw (with a UNC 1/4" screw adapter) UNC 3/8" screw (with a UNC 1/4" screw adapter)
Folded Length 19.1 inches/485 mm 23.6 inches/600 mm
Min Operating Height 19.1 inches/485 mm 23.6 inches/600 mm
Max Operating Height 6.5 feet / 2m 8.85 feet / 2.7m
Max Load 3.3 pounds / 1.5kg 6.6 pounds / 3kg
Weight 22 ounces / 625g 28.7 ounces /815g

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