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Frank Doorhof Compares the Large FlashBender & XL Pro:

The FlashBender v3 Large Reflector: Better Than a Simple Flash Diffuser

FlashBender v3 Large Reflector Features:

  • new v3 improved shapeability holds its position
  • new v3 grippier attachment strap stays put
  • new v3 securely fits all flashes (6.75" to 17" circumference)
  • new v3 attaches faster with quick release buckle
  • packs flat (folds in half to stow away)
  • better bounce flash control inside or outside
  • size 10.5 x 11" (254mm x 288mm)
  • weight 6oz (170g)

When to Use a FlashBender Large Reflector

When attached to your on-camera flash the FlashBender v3 Large Reflector will soften the light from your flash whether you're shooting inside under a white ceiling, or outside in the open. 

The FlashBender v3 Large Reflector can also be used to modify the light from your off-camera flashes in multi-light set ups.  Attach the Large Reflector to your flash and manipulate its shape to direct the light on your main, background, accent, or hair light. 

FlashBenders Pack Flat and Don't Take Up Usable Space for Other Gear

FlashBenders are the ultimate "there when you need it" light modifier because they are light weight and simply fold in half to pack flat in your bag without taking up any significant space.  Photographers looking to pack and travel light will be hard pressed to find anything as useful or adaptable as the FlashBender v3 light modifiers.

FlashBenders Direct Light Where You Need It

The FlashBender's shapeable reflector directs light up and forward towards your subject.  This allows you to take advantage of a good bounce surface when you have it (white ceiling), or to avoid it by curving the top of the reflector forward when you do not (yellow or orange colored ceiling, or no ceiling).

FlashBenders Are More Efficient Than Diffusers

The FlashBender design also conserves energy because it directs the light from your flash towards your subject instead of scattering it everywhere.  This has the benefit of allowing you to shoot on lower flash power settings with faster recycle times, and results in fewer overheating problems and longer battery life.

Simple flash diffusers on the other hand just do one thing, scatter light everywhere.  This can work when you're shooting under an 8' white ceiling, but not so much when you're shooting outside, or under an off-colored ceiling (yellow, orange, etc).

Unfortunately, because diffusers waste power by scattering light everywhere your flash is constantly firing at higher power settings than necessary to light your subject.  This means your flash gets hotter, takes longer to recycle, and your batteries drain faster than if you used a more effective and efficient directional flash modifier.

On-Camera Flash Photography

Attach the FlashBender reflector to your flash (locked in upright position) and shape the top of the reflector to bounce light forward to fill shadows and create catch lights. If you are shooting under a good bounce surface (white ceiling), then shape the reflector to allow some light to bounce off the ceiling.

Off-Camera Flash Photography

Because the FlashBender v3 is shapeable you can also use it off-camera to modify your main, background, or hair light when shooting with multiple speedlights.  You can use a single FlashBender to modify light in different ways for different purposes.  The FlashBender reflector provides directional control over light from off-camera flashes. Attach the FlashBender reflector to your flash and shape its top and sides to direct light to where you want it, or to block it from where you do not.

Reflector/Gobo:  Shape the FlashBender to control lens flare, light your subject without spilling light onto your background, or light your background without spilling light onto your subject.

Snoot:  Shape the FlashBender into a snoot (tube) to create a circle of light. The snoot can be used to selectively light a face, or to focus a hair or accent light.

FlashBender v3 is Designed to Fit a Wide Variety of Strobe Shapes and Sizes

The attachment strap incorporated into every FlashBender v3 modifier can be adjusted to fit flashes as small as 6.75” in circumference and strobes as large as 17”. 

The FlashBender v3’s adaptable design will also fit flashes of different shapes, including the round-head Profoto A1X, Westcott FJ80, Godox V1 and some even larger, power-pack based strobes. Additionally, because the mount is incorporated in to the FlashBender v3, there are no bulky, expensive mounts to purchase separately, or that need to remain attached to flashes when not in use.

FlashBender v3 Design Attaches to These Flashes and More:

  • Canon:  430EX, 470EX, 580EX, 600EX
  • Godox:  TT350, TT685, V860, AD200, V1
  • Nikon:  SB500, SB600, SB700, SB800, SB900, SB5000
  • Nissin:  i40, i400, i600, i60A, Di700A, MG80, MG10
  • Olympus:  FL-600R, FL-700WR, FL-900R
  • Profoto:  A1, A1X
  • Sony:  HVL-F32M, HVL-F45RM, HVL-F60RM

Customer Reviews

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Arthur Samokhin
Large reflector too heavy

FlashBender V3 large reflector could be good for photoshoot, but problem I have that it is too heavy and my camera flash kett bending under the weight of large reflector.

Hi Arthur,

Thank you for leaving your review of the FlashBender v3 Large Reflector.

What flash are you using? If your flash does not have a lock to secure the flash head in the vertical position, then you might want to consider trying the FlashBender Small Reflector.

The Small Reflector weighs less (4oz instead of 6oz), and at half the height there is alot less leverage on the flash head. You may find it works better for your flash.

Please just send us an email if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

The ExpoImaging Team