White Balance Made Easy - No Photoshop Required!

White Balance Made Easy - No Photoshop Required!

Erica and Jon are brand photographers, visionary planners, and creative stylists.  They also love the ExpoDisc!

Watch Erica and Jon demonstrate how to quickly and easily set your in-camera white balance.

Erica and Jon have also written a blog post explaining why white balance is so important and how using the ExpoDisc can save you hours of time editing your photos in post processing.

Blog Post:  The Secret to Perfect Skin Tones

“How do you get perfect skin tones in your images?!” It’s the question we get most often from other photographers struggling like we once did to achieve creamy, real-to-life skin tones in their images. We’ve even had a client look at our images and say, “I love the filter you put on your photos!” That’s when we explained that we don’t edit with filters or presets. We told her we’ve been taught and have trained ourselves to shoot our style correct in camera. >> Read More HERE.

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