Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2019

Top 9 Instagram Posts of 2019

Thank you for all the likes and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1: Austin Drawhorn

Find him on Instagram - @austindrawhorn

3 Light Set up: "Speedlight with Rogue Gel in Large Softbox above as key, speedlights w/ Rogue Gels in Rogue XL Pro Soft Boxes left and right as kickers.”

Image 2: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Gorgeous placement of light and color using Nissin Flash and Rogue Flash products!

Jenna created this image using a 3 light setup with a beauty dish and two Nissin flash strobes with Rogue Gels for the rich, vibrant color and the Rogue Grid with Gel for the pink highlight.

Image 3: Jenna Adele Barrett

Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

Another shot from Jenna demonstrating the fun lighting effect you can create with Rogue Flash Gels!

4:  Romano Loris

Find him on Instagram - @romanolorispictures

Shot with small flash with Rogue Light Modifiers.


Image 5: YCDTESNG Photography

Find him on Instagram - @ycdtseng_photography

This old Hollywood glam style shot was created using the Rogue Flash Grid.

Lighting setup was single Canon 600 EX-RT speedlite at 1/2 power remote control/trigger via Canon ST-E3 transmitter. The speedlite was mounted on a C-Stand about 1 meter directly in front of the model and pointed 45 degree down with the aim to re create the 1940s glam photography look.

Light modifier was the Rogue Flash Grid with both grids combined to create a vary narrow directional light to create the contour and shadow.

All shot on Canon EOS R and EF 85mm F1.4 IS L lens and post processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. All images were shot at F2.8 ISO 100 shutter 1/125.

Image 6:  Robert Harrington


Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

Film Noir using Rogue FlashBenders rolled into snoots and Rogue Grids to create dramatic, glamorous shots reminiscent of Old Hollywood.


Image 7:  Frank Doorhof


Find him on Instagram - @frankdoorhof

Shot on location in a trade show booth using only small flash and Rogue Flash Modifiers.


Image 8: Jason Bafile

Find him on Instagram - @jasonbafile

Gotta love a wind swept veil... even when shooting indoors. 😊

Created using Rogue Flash Modifiers.


Image 9: Piotr Werner

Find him on Instagram - @piotr_werner_photographer

"American Girl" shot with Rogue Flash Modifiers.

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