Still Life Activities for Photographers Sheltering in Place

Still Life Activities for Photographers Sheltering in Place

Sacramento area photographer Tim Engle has attempted to make the most of California's Shelter in Place Order. 

He's used this time to create some fun images by putting his Nissin Flashes and Rogue Light Modifiers to work.

Using items found around the house, he's put together a fun series of images to entertain himself and brush up on his still life skills. 

Garden Hose:  3 Light Set Up using the Nissin Di700A and Rogue Flash Gels.

Stemware:  3 Light Set up using the Nissin Di700A flash.  The main light is modified with a Rogue XL Pro with Strip Grid.  The rim light is created using a second flash modified with a Rogue Grid and the third light is bounced off a Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector.

Floral:  Created by placing the flowers on a mirror and using two flashes on the background modified with Rogue Flash Gels.


Toy Soldier:  Fun with flash, a Rogue Grid, an LED light and odds and ends found around the house.


See more of Tim's work:

Instagram: @timengle

Facebook: @EnglePhoto

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