Rogue Umbrella On Location In Wyoming

Rogue Umbrella On Location In Wyoming

Photographer Ric Lewis captured this series of images on location in Wyoming using our Rogue 32" Shoot Thru Umbrella, a Godox AD200 Flash, and a Cheetah Light Stand.

The Rogue 32” Shoot Thru Umbrella is best used to soften and diffuse your main light, fill light, rim light, or background light.  It features durable fiberglass ribs, a heavy duty metal lock, and our Natural White fabric.  It is just 20” long when closed, which means you can easily fit one or two into your carry-on luggage.  


To see how Ric created these portraits, click on the image below.


The Rogue 32" Shoot Thru Umbrella is just $19.95!

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