October 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

October 2018 - Top 9 Instagram Posts

Thank you for all the likes and an extra special thank you to the photographers for creating and sharing these awesome images!

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Image 1:  Jenna Adele Barrett


Find her on Instagram - @antheminart

The talented Jenna Barrett used 3 speedlights against a black background to create this image. The main light was directly in front of the model and slightly to the right of camera with a Teal Blue Rogue Flash Gel and the other two flashes were placed on each side with Yellow Rogue Flash Gels.

Image 2:  Lindsay Adler

Find her on Instagram - @lindsayadler_photo

Boudoir portraits are designed to evoke the idea of intimacy, seduction, and the beauty of the body. What better way to stir up those reactions than to highlight the natural curves and add color to the portrait to play on our subject's lingerie.  Check out the video / blog post from Lindsay Adler HERE where she'll show you how to create some incredible boudoir images using just two speedlights, small, portable modifiers, and some easy posing tips.

Image 3: Robert Harrington

Find him on Instagram - @rharringtonstudios

Create a little mystery with careful placement of your lights. Rogue FlashBenders are great tools for creative light set ups.

Image 4:  Fabian Pourmand

Find him on Instagram - @fabianpourmand

A Rogue Flashbender 2 XL Pro Reflector bounced off a wall created this stunning image.

Image 5:  Lindsay Adler

Find her on Instagram - @lindsayadler_photo

You can create a striking film noir look with speedlights!

Check out the video / blog post from Lindsay Adler HERE, where she shows you can see how to create this dramatic look using three speedlights and the Rogue Flash Grid.

Image 6: Noel Del Pilar

Find him on Instagram - @noelphoto

During the off-season when Noel isn’t busy shooting weddings, he enjoys working on fantasy make-up beauty shots and this is an outstanding example of his work.

Noel used his Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector and a Rogue Flash Gel (Oklahoma Yellow) on the background.

Image 7:  Martin Brown

Find him on Instagram - @barefootphotographic

This image was taken in an abandoned house where Martin Brown found the piano. This was his first ever image photographed with the Rogue XL Pro! Martin used the Strip Grid Attachment and set the camera and light to High Speed Sync to create this haunting piano image.

Image 8: Seth Miranda

Find him on Instagram - @LastXWitness

Seth Miranda created this image last year when he was testing out the Nikon D850.  You can check out the how to video from Adorama TV HERE.

Image 9: Austin Drawhorn

Find him on Instagram - @austindrawhorn and @thedrawhorns

Austin created a nice soft light without the light falling flat on the model with the help of his Rogue Light Modifiers. "I created a rough Rembrandt with a soft box high / left and my Large Rogue FlashBender 2 (with diffusion panel) acting as fill."




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