Featured Photographer - Piotr Werner

Featured Photographer - Piotr Werner

Piotr Werner is a fashion, portrait, and commercial photographer based in Krakow Poland.  He has been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years. He teaches photography workshops and offers individual training in Poland.  He is an official ambassador of Rogue Flash, Quadralite, and X-Rite.  Piotr does all his own retouching and his award winning images have been widely published.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorite images Piotr created using Rogue Flash products.

The image below was captured with a super simple set-up.  A speedlight modified with the Rogue XL Pro in the Soft Box configuration was placed on a light stand and then held above the model.

The shot below was created with the same set-up as above, but this time the XL Pro Lighting System was in the Strip Box Configuration.

Here are a few additional images form Piotr shot using Rogue Flash Modifiers.




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