80's Vibes from Stefano Tealdi - Shutter Drag

80's Vibes from Stefano Tealdi - Shutter Drag

Rogue Ambassador Stefano Tealdi created this series of images using a technique called shutter drag.

3 light set up:

1x Godox AD300 Pro with attached Projector

1x Godox AD200 Pro with the Round Flash Head placed inside a Rogue 38" Umbrella + Diffuser and with the Rogue Round Flash Hot Pink Gel attached with the Rogue Gel Lens

1x Godox SL60W + blue gel


Stefano posted a video of this photo shoot to his YouTube Channel.  It is in Italian, but you can click on the 'CC' button and then the 'Settings' button to auto-translate the captions into English.

Featured Rogue Products:

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