Rogue Ambassador AJ Browne, Bymsha Browne Photography

I am AJ Browne, a conceptual portrait photographer and owner of Bymsha Browne Photography.  I am a visual story teller.  Creating images with an editorial / fashion flair and multicolored diaspora splashes.

Being the son of a seamstress, I often witnessed her making creations, similar to what I saw in the magazines.  They were made from textual, colorful and flowing pieces of fabric.  Her precision with a needle and eye for design brought her clients vision to life.  They were wearing designs that they once thought out of their reach.  Their faces lit up.  They were emotional.  They were elated and confident.  This is what inspires me to weave the elements of light, color, texture, and confidence into every image I create.  Like a seamstress, I connect these elements of the image to tell the story.  Achieving my clients wishes and beyond.
I believe in the phrase "always learn outside your comfort zone".
When the opportunity allowed me to upgrade from "Kodak fun savers cameras" to digital SLR's I took the plunge.  I am self-taught.  Most of my photography education has been through workshops and online learning.  I use both OCF (off camera flash) and natural light.  I've learned that adding creative light to an image is my way of weaving the image together to tell the story.
"Expression over Perfection" are words I try to shoot by.