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Réflecteurs photographiques Rogue

Super Soft Silver™

Made from our own custom heavy duty canvas fabric, the Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector is better than other shiny silver reflectors because it produces a softer, more pleasing light, especially when used with bright light sources. The softer light is more diffuse and helps to avoid hot spots commonly produced by the mirror-like surfaces of shiny silver reflectors.

Natural White™

The white side of the Rogue 2-in-1 Reflector features our Natural White fabric which is manufactured without the use of optical brighteners, chemicals added to fabrics in order to increase their reflectivity. We avoid the use of these chemicals because they reflect blue light more efficiently than red, yellow, and green light, producing an unwanted bluish tint in images.

Made with Canvas Fabrics and Heavy Duty Zippers

Our Rogue photographic reflectors are more durable than typical reflectors because we use higher grade materials including sturdy canvas fabrics and heavy duty nylon zippers.

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