New Rogue Magnetic Modifiers!

New Rogue Magnetic Modifiers!

Rogue Photographic Design is excited to announce our new Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers. 

Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers snap directly to round flashes without any additional mount.  They can also attach to traditional, rectangular flashes via the Rogue Flash Adapter. Quickly and securely stack multiple grids, gels or a dome diffuser to your flash. Everything is small, light, and durable.

Rogue Magnetic Modifiers are lightweight, compact, and super easy to use!

 See our complete Press Release HERE.

Rogue Diffuser Dome:  Snap the Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome to your camera flash to soften the light whenever you're shooting wedding and event portrait photography.

Rogue Flash Grid 45:  You can control the direction of light from your camera flash with a honeycomb grid.  Snap 1 grid to your on-camera or off-camera flash to create a circle of light with a 45-degree "grid spot", or stack multiple grids to create even smaller light circles.


Rogue Flash Gel Lens:  Quickly add or change colored portrait gels or color correction gels on your flash with the Rogue Flash Gel Lens.  Simply place the desired gel between the Gel Lens and any of the other stackable Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers (a second Rogue Flash Gel Lens, a Rogue Flash Grid 45, or a Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome) sold separately.

Rogue Ultimate Portrait Collection:  Includes 20 Gel Colors to enhance your portrait photography (1x each color) with multiple shades of brilliant blues, greens, purples, lavenders, pinks, reds, oranges, and yellows. Colored lighting filters are often used on accent or background lights to enhance an image with soft or vibrant colors. Attach a Silky Lilac gel to your rim light, Blue Steel gel to your fill light, or Olallieberry Purple Pie gel to your gridded background light to enhance your image with playful colors, mood or drama.

Rogue Color Correction Kit Collection:  Includes 20 Gels (2x each of 10 colors): 1/8 CTO, 1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO, Full CTO, 1/4 CTB, 1/2 CTB, 1/4 Plus Green, 1/2 Plus Green, .3 Neutral Density (1 f/stop), White Diffusion (2 f/stop). Kit also includes storage pouch and handy reference guide for using color correction gels.

Rogue Flash Adapter:  The Rogue Flash Adapter’s stretchy silicone mount quickly attaches to a rectangular speedlight flash and incorporates a metal ring mount for attaching magnetic round flash modifier components.

Available in a Standard and Small size for compact flashes.

Rogue Round Flash Kit: Control the softness, direction, and color of your lighting when photographing portraits with on-camera or off-camera flashes.

Bundle Kit Includes:  1 Rogue Flash Diffuser Dome (soft silicone), 2 Rogue Flash Gel Lenses (one mounts inside Flash Dome), 1 Rogue Flash Grid 45˚, 1 3-Gel Starter Set, 1 Storage Pouch.

Also available with the Standard Adapter and the Small Adapter.

The Rogue PF Adapter attaches quickly and securely to your Profoto flash via strong rare earth magnets secured within the adapter's outer ring. 

With the PF Adapter attached to your flash you can use any of the Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Light Modifiers.


 Image created by Jenna Barrett of Anthem in Art Photography using our Rogue Round Flash Magnetic Modifiers.





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