Going for Gold with Rogue Round Flash Gels

Going for Gold with Rogue Round Flash Gels

Photographer Stefano Tealdi of Italy created this image with a single flash modified with a Full CTO Rogue Round Flash Gel from our Color Correction Collection.  By adding the Full CTO Gel to his flash, Stefano was able to create the effect of a warm sunset in the middle of the afternoon.


Color Correction Flash Gels are typically used to give your images a more natural look when shooting with flash.  They will save you valuable time color correcting your image whenever you shoot with flash.  For example, use a CTO gel when shooting in tungsten, halogen, or incandescent ambient light.  Use a CTB gel when shooting in open shade, or in a room with a north facing window.  Use Plus Green gels in combination with CTO gels whenever shooting in rooms lit with fluorescent light tubes.  We include a reference card with easy-to-follow instructions to help you identify which gels to use in some of the most common lighting situations.

And as demonstrated in this image, CTO Gels can also be used to create a pop of warm sunshine. Simply set your camera to shade and place a CTO Gel on your flash to create a warm sunshine effect anytime, anywhere.

  See more of Stefano's work: @Stefano.Tealdi    

Learn More: Rogue Round Flash 20 Gel Kit - Color Correction Collection

Also available:  Rogue Flash Gels - Color Correction v3


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