Replacement Parts: Rogue: 3-in-1 Flash Grid Bezel and Honeycomb Grids

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Grid Bezel
25˚ Honeycomb Grid insert
45˚ Honeycomb Grid insert

The Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid uses 2 interchangeable and stackable honeycomb grid inserts to create a 45º, 25º, or a tight 16º grid spot for dramatic lighting effects.  

The Rogue Grid 25˚ Grid and Rogue 45˚ Grid fit individually into the Grid Bezel or they can be stacked together to create the 16˚ Grid spot.

The Replacement Bezel and Grid inserts do NOT include the Rogue Grid Attachment Strap or the Rogue Grid Pouch.  You will not be able to attach the Bezel to your flash without the Grid Attachment Strap.  For more information about the Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid w/ 3 Gel Starter Set click HERE