Backlit Wedding Masterpieces from Jason Bafile

Backlit Wedding Masterpieces from Jason Bafile

Photographer Jason Bafile creates memorable wedding day portraits with help from his Rogue Flash Grid.  By placing a hidden flash modified with a Rogue Flash Grid behind the subject, Jason is able to control the direction and fall off of the light. 

Honeycomb grids produce a spot of light with gradual fall-off.  They can be used as main lights, as hair lights in portraiture, or for background and accent lights to create mood and drama. 

Using this technique, Jason is able to draw your eye back from the stunning scenery to the true center of attention - the happy wedding day couple.  The results are backlit wedding day masterpieces.

Check out Jason's Blog for more details about the day when the above shot was taken.






The new Rogue Round Flash Kit includes our Rogue Grid 45, the Rogue Diffuser Dome, the Rogue Gel Lens, a 3-Gel Sample Set, and a Storage Pouch. These modifiers are magnetic, stackable and attach directly to Round Flashes.  With a Rogue Flash Adapter they can also be attached to rectangular flashes. If you're a Profoto shooter you just need our Rogue PF Adapter for compatibility with your A series flash.
Snap 1 Rogue Flash Grid 45 to your on-camera or off-camera flash to create a circle of light with a 45-degree "grid spot", or stack multiple Rogue Grids to create even smaller light circles.  For example, stacking two Rogue Flash Grid 45 modifiers makes a smaller 25-degree grid spot, and stacking three grids makes an even smaller 16-degree spot of light.




Our original Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid is a portable and easy-to-use light modifier that fits most standard sized flash models from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Nissin, Phottix, Godox, Metz, Yongnuo, and the Profoto A1.

The Rogue 3-in-1 Flash Grid uses 2 interchangeable and stackable honeycomb grid inserts to create a 45-degree, 25-degree, or a tight 16-degree grid spot of light for dramatic lighting effects.

Clearance price is just $34.95 while supplies last!



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