Location Lighting Has Never Been Simpler

Location Lighting Has Never Been Simpler

Photography Umbrellas - Faster, Easier and Less Expensive than a Soft Box!

Jenna Barrett of Anthem in Art Photography created these shots with our Rogue 38" White Umbrella + Diffuser.

A light stand, an off-camera flash, and a Rogue Photography Umbrella.  That's all you need for your location lighting shoot.  At just 23" long when folded closed, the Rogue White Umbrella is compact and ideal for use when lighting subjects for half or full length portraits.

  • The Rogue 38" umbrella's white interior fabric produces a soft white light that provides sufficient light spread to shoot full length portraits.  If desired, you can also cover the front of the umbrella with the included natural white diffuser to make an even softer light with a wider dispersion.


    See more of Jenna's work on Instagram @antheminart

    Learn more about the Rogue 38" White Umbrella + Diffuser.

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