Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit

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Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit is fast to set-up and easy-to-use:

Professional Photographers of America 2023 Hot Ones featured selection

Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit Contents:

(1) 38" soft white umbrella, (1) natural white diffuser for 38" umbrella, (1) 32" translucent white shoot thru umbrella, (1) 24" travel bag.  Does NOT include flash, light strand, or umbrella bracket.


Perfect for Travel

Rogue photography umbrellas are lightweight, and they’re made with premium materials for durability.  We designed them for busy event photographers with durable metal latches, a short center pole, and flexible fiberglass ribs so they can be safely packed in your luggage.

Faster than a Soft Box

Rogue umbrellas can save you time and money because you don’t have to fuss around with velcro, poles, or speedring brackets.  To setup just open the umbrella and slide the center pole through the hole in the umbrella bracket atop your light stand (sold separately).  The diffuser also attaches in seconds; just slide the umbrella through the diffuser hole and then open the umbrella.

Rogue 38" Soft White Umbrella with Diffuser

The 38" umbrella is a snap to setup, and is ideal for use when lighting subjects for half or full length portraits.  The white interior provides a soft white light when photographing half or full length portraits, and the black exterior fabric prevents unwanted light from spilling on your background.

The 38" umbrella is just 23.5” long when closed, which means it will fit in your regular luggage.  Made with a heavy duty push button latch that keeps the umbrella open until you’re finished shooting.  The 16 flexible fiberglass rods provide the structure needed to maintain its shape when the diffuser is attached.

If desired, you can also cover the front of the umbrella with the included natural white diffuser.  This provides an even softer light and spreads it over a larger area, much like a soft box.  

  • Made with flexible fiberglass ribs that will not crimp
  • Heavy duty metal push button latching mechanism
  • 38" umbrella is perfect for travel (just 23" long when folded closed)

    Rogue 32" Shoot Thru Umbrella

    At 20" just long this umbrella easily fits in your carry-on luggage.  The translucent white shoot thru umbrella can be used on your main light, or on your secondary light to create a soft fill light, rim light, or background light.

    The 32" umbrella features 8 fiberglass ribs and a heavy duty metal latch.  The white translucent fabric is made without optical brighteners for a natural light quality.

  • Made with flexible fiberglass ribs that will not crimp
  • Heavy duty metal latching mechanism
  • 32" umbrella fits in your carry on luggage (just 20" long when folded closed)

    Attaching the Diffuser

    It's easy to attach the diffuser to the front of the 38" umbrella. Just place the closed umbrella through the hole in the center of the diffuser, and then open the umbrella.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mike Whetston

    The umbrellas work as advertised and are conveniently portable; however...getting the contents out of the carry case was not an easy task and getting it back in the case (fully) was impossible because the tolerance was so tight. Outer case can zipped 90% of the way and it will work fine. Or I can just use another carry case, but for $100...I want it to be better.