Rogue 32" Shoot Thru Umbrella

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Rogue Umbrella Travel Kit is fast to set-up and easy-to-use:

Compact and Durable Umbrella for Travel 

The Rogue 32” Shoot Thru Umbrella is best used to soften and diffuse your main light, fill light, rim light, or background light.  It features durable fiberglass ribs, a heavy duty metal lock, and our Natural White fabric. 

Set-Up in Seconds:  Nothing is easier to set-up and use than a Rogue photography umbrella.  Just open the umbrella and slide the center pole through the hole in your umbrella bracket (sold separately).

Fits in Your Carry-On Luggage:  The Rogue 32” Umbrella is just 20” long when closed, which means you can easily fit one or two into your carry-on luggage. 

Fiberglass Rods:  The Rogue 32” Umbrella uses durable fiberglass ribs that will not crimp or break.  Cheap umbrellas use thin metal ribs that can crimp with the slightest pressure.  This means you can pack a Rogue 32” Umbrella in your bag without worrying about damaging it when traveling or working on location.

Metal Latch:  The Rogue 32” Umbrella uses a heavy duty metal latch that keeps the umbrella open until you’re ready to pack-up.  Cheap umbrellas use plastic latches that often fail to hold the umbrella open.

Natural White Fabric:  Your light will look more natural because we don’t use optical brighteners in our fabric, chemicals added to fabrics in order to increase their brightness by reflecting blue light more efficiently than red or yellow light. Optical brighteners can therefore create a bluish tint.

Contents: (1) 32" white umbrella. Does NOT include flash, light strand, or umbrella bracket.

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Warren Grayson

Works as it should