Air R Wireless Receiver for Non-Nissin Air System Flashes

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The Nissin Air R is a wireless radio receiver that enables full off-camera TTL and manual functionality on your flash when paired with a compatible Nissin Air 1 Commander (wireless radio transmitter).

The Nissin Air R Receiver makes any Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Nissin Flash fully compatible with Nissin Air System (NAS) wireless radio commanders. The Nissin Air System Commander and Nissin Air R Receiver must both be compatible with your camera system, for example:

For Canon cameras with a Canon flash - use Air 1 Commander (for Canon) + Air R Receiver (for Canon)
For Nikon cameras with a Nikon flash - use Air 1 Commander (for Nikon) + Air R Receiver (for Nikon)
For Sony cameras with a Sony flash - use Air 1 Commander (for Sony) + Air R Receiver (for Sony)

Nissin Air R Receivers are compatible with the following Canon, Nikon, Nissin, and Sony flashes:

Canon:  220EX, 270EX II, 320EX, 430 EX, 430 EX II, 430 EX III-RT, 550EX, 580 EX, 580 EX II, 600 EX RT, 600 EX RT II
Nikon:  SB 500, SB 600, SB800, SB 900, SB 910, SB5000
Nissin:  i40, i400, i600
Sony:  HVL-F32M, HVL-F42AM, HVL-43M, HVL-F58AM, HVL-F60M

Nissin Air R Receiver Features:

  • Maximum range of 30 meters
  • Manual/TTL (Canon, Nikon, Sony)
  • TTL compensation +2.0 to - 2.0 with 1/2 step EV
  • 3 groups
  • 8 channels
  • HSS (high-speed sync) to 1/8000 sec
  • up to 10 shots per second
  • Manual zoom control (controlled by Nissin NAS Commander)
  • PC sync port
  • 1/4" - 20 thread attachment

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