FlashBender v3 - By Created Date: Newest to Oldest

FlashBender v3 shapeable reflectors and soft boxes for speedlights are the ultimate "there when you need it" light modifier because they are light weight and simply fold in half to pack flat in your bag.  Available in Small, Large and XL Pro sizes, FlashBenders are optimized for on-camera flash event photography as well as multiple light set-ups using off-camera flashes positioned on light stands or booms.

FlashBender v3 reflectors soften the light from on-camera flashes whether shooting inside under a white ceiling, or outside in the open.  For an even softer light, or to eliminate bounce flash from an off-color ceiling (yellow, orange, etc.), configure the FlashBender reflector into a soft box by attaching the Diffusion Panel (included in the FlashBender v3 Soft Box Kit).